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European Union of Corset Lovers

eurolacers unite!

For European corset lovers & corsetieres
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Willkommmen! Boa Vinda! Bienvenue! Benvenuto!

This is a community for corsetieres and corset lovers from around Europe.

Those who do not live in Europe are most welcome to join. We're not xenophobic! However, the posts in this community will mainly have a UK or European bias.

Post here if you make corsets, wear corsets, or simply want to ask questions about corsets. Share your views and ideas; news of European exhibitions or gatherings; your experiences with European corsetieres or corsetry/fabric suppliers.

There aren't really many rules I ask you to abide by - just the usual:

1: No insults/nastiness/bickering.
2: Please put big pictures behind cuts.
3: Nudey pics or naughtiness should be behind a cut with a suitable warning.

I don't mind people selling their wares here either, as long as it is corset related. Just don't spam please.