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Corset Sales
 corsetry_europe - (succubus_kz)
08:06am 23/09/2010
Kez posting in For European corset lovers & corsetieres

Gorgeous no longer made Murray & Vern Rubber Corset, has matching four rubber garter straps. Steel Boned 26" closed - asking £300 - Reduced to £250

Murray & Vern Black Rubber Skirt XL - asking £80 - Reduced to £50

4x Brand New Underbust Corsets - Made by Lucy Elliott of Squeezy Corsets, Bespoke Corsetry.

Special Price of £95 each. I can vouch for the comfortableness and sturdiness of these corsets as I have four custom ones myself.

Bespoke Corsetry can also be ordered by contacting squeezycorsets[at]googlemail[dot]com she also has a myspace page.

Ready-to-Wear 26" Black Satin Corset with White Binding and Laces.

Ready-to-Wear 24" Brown Cherry Print Corset with Green Binding

Ready-to-Wear 26" White Cherry Print Corset with White Binding and Laces

Ready-to-Wear 28" Black Cherry Print Corset

Brand New Squeezy Corsets Lip Service Dagger Fabric Corsets (One size 22", one 24" and one 28") - £120

Vicious Venus Lil Harlot Rose Corset and Matching Gauntlets, this is a 24" corset (size M) - would cost £400 without shipping from their site - asking £200

All my sales can be found on my sales journal xdeletedscenex 

or please visit: http://s250.photobucket.com/albums/gg271/MyzSuccubus/

If interested in anything please comment here or email me at succubus69[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk - as I am not receiving photobucket comments.

I'm willing to take all types of payments and will consider any offers, particularly on multiple purchases.

I have over 500 items for sale on my sales journal (clothing, footwear, accessories, dreads, books, music, games and more)

Items range from UK sz 6-28 and footwear in UK sz 3.5-8

I ship Worldwide and I'm happy to arrange payment plans if you can't afford something immediately

Offers can also be made on items on my Lip Service Collection spreadsheet - click here
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